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More Rahui/Lockdown Strategies to Stay Safe

As the rahui continues, here are some more ideas you can use to help stay calm when the pressure is on with your whanau.
This is another presentation made for the Gisborne Herald, this time with our our facilitator Tricia Walsh. Currently in her bubble with two of her mokopuna, she recommends some simple breathing exercises along with the use of Hikitia te Ha – otherwise known as Maori Tai Chi.
Of course, these tools won’t only be useful during this rahui, but afterwards as well, as our ways of working and living will be restricted for some time. For many of us, money will be tight, social rules will be different, and we will need to re-learn how we live for a while.
So watch these videos and share them, so we can all learn a better way of coping, together.


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It's 'normal' for your partner to give you a fat lip for asking whether he got milk. to hide from your dad after the All Blacks have lost. for mum to wear a scarf in summer to hide the bruises on her throat.

It's 'normal' for your partner to give you a fat lip for asking whether he got milk.

This should never be normal.