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SMSF Rahui/Lockdown Tip #4 Attack the Issue

We know family and whanau tensions are running high at this time, after three weeks stuck in your Covid-19 bubble.
In this video, SafeMan SafeFamily facilitator Lua shares Tip #4 in his ‘toolbox’ of Covid-19 lockdown tips and safe strategies, to help your whanau stay safe from harm.
This time: Attack the ISSUE, not the person.
We know this can be a tricky one, especially if it’s an issue that comes up time and again. Name-calling, putting-down appearances… Let’s face it, sometimes these things are said deliberately with full knowledge that they hurt. This is emotional violence, it’s a low blow, and you’re guaranteed to escalate the situation.
And right now, this is an even worse choice than ever.
Be Kind.
Try to sort it out by talking about the issue – direct talk back to the issue if your partner starts getting personal. And if you feel yourself being tempted to get mean, TAKE TIME OUT.
Again, like our other Covid-19 lockdown safety video tips, please share this one with your family and friends, to help them improve their relationships with the people at home.
And if you need extra help, visit our Facebook page and ask to be added to our drop-in support group.

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It's 'normal' for your partner to give you a fat lip for asking whether he got milk. to hide from your dad after the All Blacks have lost. for mum to wear a scarf in summer to hide the bruises on her throat.

It's 'normal' for your partner to give you a fat lip for asking whether he got milk.

This should never be normal.