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It’s Time to Say“No More.”

New Zealand/Aotearoa has the worst domestic violence statistics in the developed world. It’s one of our most significant social issues. Over 500,000 incidents are estimated to happen every year (80% go unreported) and it’s estimated to cost the country at least $4 billion per annum annually (that’s $839 for every man, woman and child). And it’s not going away.

Every year, around 13 women, 10 men and 9 children die through domestic violence* – an issue that becomes normalised within families, through generations.

It has to stop.

SafeMan SafeFamily

Our Story

SafeMan SafeFamily was founded in 2009 by ex victim and ex-perpetrator of violence, Vic Tamati. After living the painful journey from childhood victim to adult perpetrator in vivid technicolour – delinquency, drugs, gang membership, prison – Vic finally broke free of his life of violence and has been on a journey of recovery ever since.

Over this time, he has developed a stopping violence programme that genuinely engages those who are caught up in lifestyle violence – a peer-led solution that recognises that perpetrators of violence have often previously been childhood victims.

SafeMan SafeFamily is committed to walking with perpetrators of any ethnicity or faith on their journey to become violence free.

We raise funds expressly to provide accessible and free services for perpetrators and their families, and are registered with the NZ Charities Commission – CC55346.

It's 'normal'

for your partner to give you a fat lip for asking whether he got milk.
to hide from your dad after the All Blacks have lost.
for mum to wear a scarf in summer to hide the bruises on her throat.

This should never be normal.