Lance Jones

Group Facilitator

Kia Ora I am Lance Jones a family violence facilitator for Safe Man Safe Family Organization. My journey started from being a victim at a young age to becoming a perpetrator of violence. It has shaped me into a passionate advocate for change. With a deep understanding of the complexities surrounding this issue. I have committed to breaking the cycle and helping individuals rebuild their lives.

Alongside my work, my hobbies are my downtime. I spend time with my family and enjoy moments building positive relationships. On sunny days you may find me casting a fishing rod into the sea while enjoying the company of my wife. I also enjoy free diving gathering seafood for my family to enjoy that brings me a sense of peace and freedom.

When I am not by the sea. I can be found looking at motorcycles and classic cars. The roar of the engines and the craftsmanship. They captivate my interest. It serves as a reminder of the importance of preservation and cherishing the past while moving forward.

My personal life experiences and dedication shape my ability to connect with those who experienced family violence. I understand the struggles and potential for growth in every individual’s story. Through my work as a facilitator my passion is to inspire, encourage others to overcome their past and teach healthy relationships. To create a safer future for themselves and loved ones.

Having a compassionate heart and being committed to change, my journey to incorporate, transformation and the power of advocating for a family violence-free world.