Luke McDowall


Luke believes a healthy society is one that doesn’t condemn citizens who have made mistakes to a lifetime of abasement with no meaningful pathway to redemption. For a pathway to be meaningful, it must be supportive. The support on the journey to redemption, such as what Safe Man Safe Family provides in its peer-led professionally supported approach, is the ultimate key to safe families and communities. Luke says “Safe Man Safe Family is for every man from every background. To not meaningfully assist all of those seeking to be better versions of themselves would be a regrettable reflection on society; resulting in deadweight-loss, by way of a reduction in New Zealand’s social and economic potential, that would deliver a perpetuating raft of intergenerational ailments. All men can always uncover, discover, and recover given the right support, tools, and techniques to turn traumatic past experiences into future positives for individuals, whānau, and society.”

Luke attained an MBA from University of Otago, is a professional of the New Zealand Institute of Management Consultants, executive director at a general partner holding company for a specialist CEE region investment fund, member of Rotary International, and part owner of an incorporated law firm that provides a range of legal services across southern New Zealand, including family law which his wife Mikayala practices.