Vic Tamati

Founder & Trustee

My start on the Race Track of Life was marked by many forms of lifestyle and family violence. In 1993, I volunteered to go to a stopping violence program. Although I did the program twice, and I didn’t pass each time, it made me want to know what stopping family violence actually is. In the years since, I have come to know that stopping family violence is a life-long journey and that it starts with me. I now call this my Redemption Journey. I have also come to know that I relate best with people just like me – living unsafely because that’s all they know, but wanting to learn to live a safe life. Today this is called Peer-Led, Professionally Supported.

Choosing to live safe means I need ongoing peer support. I call this RJ-Redemption Journey and it’s similar to visiting a petrol station for a top-up. Another important part of my Redemption Journey is what I’ve named, the Roll Call. This is how I Uncover my trauma, to Discover new tools, to Recover and be safe. This is my intentional heavy lifting. Sharing what I know about being safe is what I call A&E, which means Awareness and Education to Stop Accident and Emergency. I’ve shared my journey with a lot of people and this has led to a network of safe peers and professionals who help me to be safe. In 2010, I started SafeMan SafeFamily so that others like me can also be supported on their Redemption Journey. Through SafeMan SafeFamily, it is my vision for Aotearoa-New Zealand to become a sanctuary free of family and sexual violence and human predators